How To Sell Distressed Properties in Austin

selling distressed properties in austinMany homeowners have asked me many times if I bought houses in need of serious repair, bad foundations or hoarder homes.   The answer is an emphatic YES!  We buy houses in Austin in any condition.  Distressed properties of all types are perfect for an Austin home buyer like Zit Buys Homes.

We have purchased homes with severe foundation problems.  In one case we had to jack up the house off the foundation up in the air. Then we proceeded to jackhammer the slab into small pieces. We removed the slab pieces and then poured the foundation. We lowered the house back down onto the slab and tied it back into the framing.  If you are familiar with foundation repair you will know this was no easy task.

We have had to redo entire plumbing and electrical throughout houses. Most homes need cleaning out due to the items left by the previous owners or tenants.  Some of these homes are so packed with stuff that it has taken several 40-yard dumpsters to make a walkway.  If we didn’t remove these items we would be right in the middle of a massive biohazard.

We have bought homes where every wall had baseballs thrown through them.  Homes where the walls were black with mold. Homes where people had passed away in the properties. We have seen almost everything when it comes to distressed properties. So yes, we do buy distressed properties in Austin.  However, if you’re thinking of listing with a Realtor, think again, they are not prepared to help you with these types of houses.

Distressed Properties: A Difference of Perspective

How do I know Realtors are not a solution when it comes to distressed properties?  I’m not only a home buyer but also a Realtor of 30 years and one of the few that specializes in distress properties.

First of all, as a trusted home buyer in Austin, I have dealt and continue to deal with these types of properties.  Zit Buys Homes doesn’t look at these properties as a commodity to sell but rather as diamonds in the rough.  We love the challenge of bringing these distressed properties back to life!  If you’re looking to sell, we want to buy it!

Realtors have a different perspective about these kinds of properties. From a Realtor’s point of view, they are looking at what they have to list and sell.   We are looking at what we get to buy and what we can do with the property.  They are looking at all the problems that they must disclose, by law, to their clients.  They have to tell everything they know or even believe is wrong.  We are looking at What we can do with this property and how we can make it that amazing property it once was and better.

Realtors stress about all the legal disclosures when dealing with distressed properties.  They try to figure out how cheap they can list the property for to move what they often refer to as a “junk listing”.

We are looking at how much we can give you to buy it and how to make a smooth transition for you as the seller.   Realtors worry about how to get you out of the house.  They will try to force a close date on you that works for the buyer since they are desperate to sell this “junk listing”.

Your convenience is the last thing on a Realtor’s mind while it is what makes working with us so much better. Because you are not only first in our minds but you are the only folks we need to make happy.

Distressed Properties to Realtors are Junk Listings

Realtors three mains concerns when listing a house are Price, Location, and Condition.  Distressed properties are typically sold “as is”.  They are not going to get repairs and the “condition” variable cannot be addressed in the MLS listing.  The property location is fixed and it will not move.  The “location” variable will either be great, good, okay, or bad by the Realtor and it will not change.  This leaves Realtors with “price” as the only variable to work with to get some action to ensure a sale. With a distressed property, the Realtor will try to list it at the lowest possible price.  They do this to entice someone to buy in spite of all the disclosed problems.

After securing a buyer, you will always worry until closing that the buyer will back out.  The inspector gives them a list of problems with the house and they get cold feet.  Even though you disclosed everything upfront about the distressed property. Then you have to pay heavy Realtor commissions, closing, and title fees.  While you wait 45 to 60 days to close and forced to move on their timeline.

Distressed Properties are Diamonds in the Rough

This is completely opposite from what we do at Zit Buys Homes.  We beam with excitement to be in your distress property. To be in the middle of it all, no matter how bad the condition, it is what we do and we love it.  We don’t picture the house as it is now. We envision what it will look like when we complete the renovation. This diamond in the rough will transform into an amazing house that people will want to buy.  This is what we see in your distressed property.

We see your house for what it will become not what it looks like now.  Since we know this, we are then able to offer you a fair price that you will be happy with. Also, you will pay no commissions or closing costs.  You close on your timeline as quick as possible or later.  If you need time to move out, we can make that work! Whatever we can do for you because you are what is important not some third party we are making a commission off of.

Some of our clients enjoy it when we send them pictures of the updates.  As they travel with us on the journey of bringing a property back to its former glory. This is what makes us tick and we are happy to have you join us.  If not, we can get this all done quick and easy with no hassle.  You can be on your way to a fresh start and/or a new chapter in life with more possibility and money than before.

You see Realtors come from a completely different point of perspective.  Realtors are in the business to sell, not to buy.   When Realtors get involved with distress properties, the end result spells disaster.

The question was, do we buy distress properties? The answer is an emphatic YES and we are looking forward to your call. We want to know your situation, your property, your needs and making this happen the right way.

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Jack Rady

Zit Buys Homes is a family-owned and locally-operated home buyer in greater Austin, TX. We are a real estate solutions and investment firm that specializes in helping homeowners sell their houses fast in the Austin area. We are investors and problem solvers who can buy your house fast with a fair all cash offer. Jack Rady is a licensed Broker in the State of Texas.

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