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sell your house fast in austin
Round Rock Home We Purchased

If you’re asking the questions, “How do I sell my Austin house fast?” or “How fast can I sell my house in Austin?,” Zit Buys Homes has the solutions for you. It could take weeks and maybe even months to sell your home in Austin through traditional methods, but when you sell to us, you don’t need to make updates or repairs to your house, you don’t need a real estate agent, a home inspection is not required, and you don’t need to wait for a buyer’s loan approval. Selling to Zit Buys Homes allows you to sell your house quickly and simply.

The pictured home above is one of the recent purchases that we made in the Round Rock, TX area.  The property owners fell behind on payments and the house was in severe distress.  The homeowners needed to sell their house fast for cash.  We were able to offer them a viable solution which put money in their pocket and gave them a fresh start.  We are currently rehabbing the property and will post for sale in the next few weeks.

All you need to do to sell your Austin house fast is contact us and discuss your situation. We will help you through the rest of the sale process. In answer to the question, “How fast can I sell my house?” it could be as little as 7-10 days depending on your specific circumstances.  Zit Buys Homes will buy any home in any condition.

Zit Buys Homes has been actively buying homes in the Austin real estate market for over 25 years. We have the experience in real estate marketing & unique solutions to know how to sell a home quickly in Austin and the surrounding area.  Call Zit Buys Homes today at 512-825-2525 or fill click the link below and we will get right back with you.

How Our 3-Step Process Works

At Zit Buys Homes, we believe in getting results quickly. Real estate transactions can be notoriously complicated, which is why we’ve created a quick and effective 3-step process that helps you get your cash fast! With us, there’s no need to deal with real estate agents, potential buyers, banks, or any other parties that could potentially slow things down.

Why go through all that hassle when you can make a single call? At Zit Buys Homes, we’ve adopted an easy process for you to sell your Austin house fast, consisting of the following steps:

1. Contact Us

Call us at 512-825-2525 for a brief chat, where we’ll discuss the property that you want to sell and even offer you a price then and there. This means that you’re able to determine if this a good fit for you within minutes!

2. Schedule Your Appointment

If everything sounds good, the next step is to schedule an appointment, where we will go out to inspect your property. Does your property need work? Not a problem! We buy homes in their current condition. We also take time during this appointment to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

3. Sell Your Home

If you accept our offer, that’s our cue to get the ball rolling on our end! We take care of everything, including all paperwork, so you simply have to sit back and wait for your payment, which you get as soon as the transaction closes.

Each offer we make is tailored toward the situation that works for you.  An offer that works and fits within your timeframe. If you have any questions about how it works, give us a call at  512-825-2525 or fill out the form below to reach us.

Zit Buys Homes - Sell Austin House Fast
Jack Rady

Zit Buys Homes is a family-owned and locally-operated home buyer in greater Austin, TX. We are a real estate solutions and investment firm that specializes in helping homeowners sell their houses fast in the Austin area. We are investors and problem solvers who can buy your house fast with a fair all cash offer. Jack Rady is a licensed Broker in the State of Texas.

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