How to Find the Best Cash Home Buying Company in Austin Texas

Do You Need A Cash Home Buying Company in Austin, Texas?

Best Cash Home Buying Company in Austin TX
Find the Best Cash Home Buying Company in Austin TX

Real estate investors are a vital part of the Austin real estate market and may be a necessity for someone looking to sell their house fast in Austin, Texas. The majority of Austin homeowners will simply contact a realtor who will list the home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

However, certain homeowners will not be able to use the services of a realtor because of pending issues with their home such as them being behind on their payments, no funds to make much-needed repairs, not enough equity in the home and many other reasons.  Some do not want to deal with the stress and time it takes when listing a home. A cash home buying company plays a pivotal role for these homeowners.

As we referenced above, some homeowners due to situations such as divorce, pending foreclosure, mold, fire damage, bad foundations, other major home repairs needed and many other circumstances, some owners only option is to sell their home in a non-traditional way through a company that buys houses in Austin.

What Are Cash Home Buyers?

Cash home buyers are also known as “companies that buy houses” or a “real estate investment” company. Even though they may go by different names, all of them are real estate investors. They purchase houses for cash in “as-is” condition.

The real estate investor will then make the repairs needed to put the house back on the market as a resale or rental. Typically, the investor will close on the house in under 30 days and begin renovating the home the very next day.  Many may claim to be able to close in 7 days or less, although that is possible, it’s highly unlikely, due to the amount of paperwork needed such as the title commitment, etc.

A real estate investor typically follows a formula when calculating the amount, they can offer on any particular property. Even though these homes can come at a reduced price, the investor takes all of the risks with the repair and selling of the home.

Benefits of Working with A Cash Home Buying Company in Austin, TX

The ease of the sale – A cash home buying company will buy your house “as is”, meaning you will never have to make any repairs, any renovations, you don’t even have to clean up the yard or house.  You will not be bothered by having to doll up the place to have prospective buyers walk through. Most allow you to close on your schedule.

Bypass conventional buyer loan obstacles – When you sell a house to a cash home buyer, you circumvent the snags that come with a typical home buyers loan application. Your buyer may not get the loan approval when it was expected or they may decide that the house isn’t for them and the deal falls through. Since real estate investors use their own cash to buy houses, they can close fast and don’t have to wait for a bank approval or decision. A quality and reliable real estate investor should ensure a hassle-free and less stressful closing.

The quickness of the transaction – In many instances, when home investors work with local sellers, the homeowners don’t normally have the benefit of waiting long periods of time to sell their house. Depending on your area of town, a traditional real estate sale could several weeks to months to close.  Whether it be a pending foreclosure, loss of job, falling behind on payments or even an inherited home give a reason why homeowners look for an alternative and fast option that will relieve these situations.

As long as the proper paperwork has been completed and since the real estate investor is paying cash for the house and doesn’t need any authorization from any lender, closing on the property can happen in a much quicker period of time than the traditional route.

So How Do You Find the Best Cash Home Buying Company in Austin?

The perfect way to find a local real estate investment company is to start your search on the internet. All you need to do is type “companies that buy houses in Austin” or “trusted Austin home buyers” in Google or Bing.  The first page of the results should bring up several local cash home buying companies in your area.  Try to find ones who have reviews either on their site or on Google, Facebook, and even Yelp.

If you can’t find any reviews on a particular home buying company then that maybe someone you may not want to work with.  You should be able to generate a list of a few companies and then you can actually begin to dig a little deeper on those by completing some research.

How to Research Cash Home Buying Companies in Austin

Check Their About Us Page

As with any business online you will see many proclaiming to be cash home buyers in your area.  Go to the website’s “about us” page or their “our company” page and see if there is actually an owner’s name and picture on it.  If all you see is generalized phrases without any personal validation then you might not want to work with them.  As a homeowner, you should want to see and know who you will be working with during the sale of your home.

If a company isn’t willing to put a name and face behind their service, can you really trust them with buying your home?  Does the company talk about how they started? Why they buy houses?  Are they local? Again, if they can’t share with you what they really are about…maybe you should move on to someone who can.

Does the company have a Facebook page? Or Twitter? Are they active on these accounts by posting information about the who they are, what they do, houses they buy and sell and testimonials?  Are they posting pictures of previously rehabbed houses which they bought?  Basically, the less transparent the home buying company is being, the more you wonder why that is.

If you follow these guidelines you will find the best cash home buying company in Austin, Texas who will provide you and your family with the perfect options for your particular situation.  Remember, when you’re looking for the best cash home buying company in Austin, do your research, ask questions and you will be glad you did when you’re sitting at the closing table.

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