Annual Events in Austin Texas

Austin TX It is no secret that Austin, Texas, residents know how to have a great time. From world-renowned concert events to international food extravaganzas, Austin has it all. The city’s annual events help bring crowds from all over the nation and make a significant contribution to the cultural and economic development of the city.

Indeed, Austin’s diverse annual events help boost employment and keep the city bustling with constant activity and make it an attractive place to live in. Here are just a few of the many Annual events that Austin, Texas, has to offer residents and tourists alike.

South by Southwest Conferences & Festivals 

The first annual event on our list is probably one of the best representations of what Austin, Texas, is all about: diversity and collaboration. The SXSW festival combines film, interactive media, and conferences and is also arguably the biggest music festival in the world right now, and it keeps growing each year.

As one of the biggest events in the country, SXSW attracts journalists from across the country to cover the events in all the available media formats and has become one of the best places to potentially discover “the next big thing”.

Statesman Capitol 10,000 

If you’re a runner and big fan of being outdoors, few locations in the world can match the stunning outdoor experience that Austin, Texas, has to offer. The Statesman Capitol 10,000 event has been held for over 40 years and is currently the largest 10k race in Texas and among the biggest in the nation.

The race starts off from the Congress Avenue Bridge and goes right into the local neighborhoods. From there, the runners go out and up to the hills and eventually end up at a majestic-looking lakeside park. This is far from an ordinary race and is certainly not exclusive to experienced marathon runners. In fact, everyone is encouraged to join in on the fun and if you want to dress up as a superhero, well, the more the merrier!

Carnaval Brasileiro

For those who’ve always wondered what the festival experience in Brazil is like, but don’t have the time (or spouse’s permission) to make the trip, then the Carnaval Brasileiro festival offers the next best option. It is one of the biggest carnival celebrations outside of Brazil and features dance music, tons of colorful costumes, spirits and lots and lots of meat.

The festival takes place in February and features the largest samba group in the US, Austin Samba. Without a doubt, Carnaval Brasileiro excels at bringing the Brazilian experience right into Austin, Texas.

Rodeo Austin

The Rodeo Austin gathers the top rodeo athletes in the state to compete in nightly events including bareback riding and roping. As rodeo is the official sport of the state, you can only imagine the intensity and passion of both the athletes and the crowds.

After the events, you can cap the night off with an awesome performance by chart-topping artists or can even go take pony rides in of the many family-friendly activities offered.

Planning these type of year-round events can seem like a gargantuan task for city officials and event organizers, but the spirit of collaboration and the economic benefits have shown time and time again that the hard work more than pays off.